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Save your cell phone battery




JuiceDefender is a tool to improve the performance of your Android device by increasing battery life with a series of 'tricks' and workarounds that allow you to have your phone on all day without running to a charger.

To start, the application comes with five different user profiles that fit every situation. These range from normal (for daily, normal use) to fully customized (which you can turn on and off all the options you want).

The options that you have available include full configuration of each and every one of the 'apps' that you have running. You can choose to close them, cutting off Internet access or allow access only when you open the app. In the same way, you can alter various phone settings such as the use of mobile data and WiFi, GPS and more.

To keep the phone always connected, even if you are trying to save battery, JuiceDefender will give you the ability to schedule automatic short connections which will update all the applications and data that you tell it to.

Besides all this, JuiceDefender includes a pair of desktop widgets from which you can manage the vast majority of options it offers, without having to open the application directly. In this way, you can keep track of your battery performance at all times.

JuiceDefender is one of the best tools for battery control and management that can be found in Google Play. It is loaded with options, has a simple interface, and it really works.